I must admit my mind is presently still more occupied by thoughts of sandcastles and surf, fireflies and barbecue, and wondering whether we can squeeze in one last summer adventure, but I can’t deny that Fall and school and the beginning of our new atrium year are inevitably just around the corner.

Please mark your calendars!  We will be holding an orientation on August 25th from 10:00 – 10:50 am for children and parents.  This is an opportunity for newcomers to the program and for children changing levels to come visit their new atriums, meet the catechists, and get oriented to their space for the upcoming year.  Parents who would like to learn more about the program are invited to join a catechist in the Gathering Room.  The first official day of Atrium is Sept 8th.

I look forward to seeing you on these dates and celebrating our return to the atriums, even if I may be still wearing my flip-flops.